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The warmest season is here. Check out these tips to maximize energy efficiency and make summer living a breeze.

Summer is here! Time for warmer weather, ample sunshine, tasty grilling and outdoor gatherings with family and friends.But the switch to summer also calls for some seasonal upkeep on your home. Here are five ways to prepare your house for the summertime.

1. Check the HVAC system

If it’s not already hot where you live, chances are it will be soon. Make sure you're positioned for a cool home interior. Check your HVAC system to ensure cold air is ready to flow into the house. The work could entail replacing the HVAC system’s filter and cleaning vents, or dusting off and installing window AC units.

2. Conduct an energy audit

Heating and cooling systems are notorious for spiking an electricity bill. According to the  https://www.energy.gov/eere/why-energy-efficiency-upgrades 10-20% of what the average American spends on energy could be going to waste due to drafts or air leaks.

To save energy – and money – conduct a home energy audit to make sure cool air isn’t escaping. Inspect windows, doors, fireplaces, and the edge of floors (especially in older homes), and seal any leaks with weather stripping or caulk.

Plus, did you realize the direction your ceiling fan spins can dictate the temperature of the room? For the summer, the fan should spin counterclockwise to create a downdraft and create a cool breeze in the room. (In the winter, a clockwise spin pulls air upward.) It can be tricky to see the direction of your fan. Turn your fan off, stand directly under it, and take note of those first few revolutions. If you need to change it, there's usually a switch on the base.

3. Make sure outside water lines work

With hot weather and sunshine on their way, examine your outdoor water system and inspect sprinkler heads for any damage sustained over the winter. For above-ground watering systems, test out sprinklers and nozzles for optimal pressure and to catch any leaks. When storing freeze caps, make sure you put them somewhere you’ll remember when fall rolls around in a few months.

4. Spruce up the yard

Mowing the lawn makes for a clean-looking yard. But attending to the details, like edging walkways, weeding, and spreading a fresh layer of mulch can take an outdoor space to the next level.

Many people like to over-seed their existing lawn in the late spring and early summer to provide extra fullness and fill in any patches from winter weather – or, in some cases, holes caused by pets who like to dig.

And if you plan on entertaining in an outdoor space this summer, clean off patio furniture, scrub the grill, and sweep the surrounding area. Potted flowers can be an affordable way to add a pop of color to a front porch, and add ambiance to an outdoor lounge area.

5. Clean and organize

It’s never too late for spring cleaning. Now's a great time to give your house a deep clean before busy summer schedules kick in. In addition to standard tidying measures – dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc. – tackle places like the basement and garage, too.

Take time to go through closets and drawers and remove what’s unwanted and unused. Store away cold weather items and be realistic when paring down on possessions you won’t use again. Try to donate household items and clothing to a local donation center like Goodwill, unexpired food items to a local food bank or pantry, and used linens – like sheets and blankets – to a local animal shelter to keep their furry residents comfortable.

The summer ahead is sure to be busy. If it’s also the time you’re planning to move, contact me at www.FrankRegina.com or 702-460-4965 

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